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Healthcare Risk Management

In 150 words select one of the following listed below high-risk topics and please follow the directions.

Quality improvement in healthcare can result in benefits such as enhanced readability of patients conditions and efficient processes for creating healthcare initiatives. This discussion forum will have you prepare a quality improvement program. Although continuous quality improvement covers many areas, in this forum you will pay particular attention to what attributes constitute a quality improvement team, and what questions this team attempts to answer.
For your post, select one of the following six high-risk areas for your discussion:
    Long-term care
    Home healthcare
    Emergency room
    Obstetrics and neonatology
After deciding on your area:
1.    Conduct research using at least three scholarly sources.
2.    Identify and classify all of the risks associated with these areas.
3.    Describe the nature of the risks to patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare facilities.
If you wish, you may develop a table to present this information.

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