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Hist & Health

Rough Draft
This assignment is designed to help you begin to work toward the completion of the final project in this course; thus, it is shorter and requires less work. You are encouraged to build off of this assignment. Following the directions for your final paper, please post a rough draft and include the following:

Note: A title page is needed in the final paper but not for the rough draft

Introduction (2 paragraphs double spaced)

Introduce the issue and why it is important
Include some relevant statistics based on scholarly sources that you have located; use in-text citations following APA 6th edition formatting
Include a topic statement-state the purpose of your paper and explain what you will be talking about
Body (1 to 2 pages double spaced)

Following the directions, address the required points for the following time periods: (1) ancient history; (2) 1800’s through present day; and (3) the future
Separate each major area with a different heading; you can also use subheadings
Make sure that you use in-text citations for each of your references
Conclusion (1 paragraph double spaced)

Briefly recap the purpose of your paper and the main points
Suggest additional issues that need future research
Reference list (Citations formatted in APA 6th edition format)

Make sure that you have checked the different formatting for each TYPE OF SOURCE you are citing. Books, journals, and webpages all have a different format in the reference list
Make sure you pay attention to the requirements for indenting the reference list

Final Paper Guidelines to help with Rough Draft:
Final Project (Paper/Presentation) Rubric and Directions
Final Project (200 points)

Final paper                                                                                        150

Content-80 points

Followed all the directions
Included all the required parts

Writing style and organization-25 points

Included proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax
If you struggle in this area, then you will want to contact the Write Site at TWU or the Online Writing Lab
Format -25 points

APA Citations required both in-text and in the reference list (Paper)
Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced
Title page and reference list required (paper)
Overall impression-20 points

Paper is easy to read
Paper flows with clear and concise language
The paper is submitted through the assignment link on time
Final YouTube Summary                                                                50

Content-35 points

Followed all the directions
Includes no more than a 5 minute summary of the final paper (videos that are too long will take a long time to upload; keep this in mind, and make sure to limit your video to 5 minutes or less)
The summary should briefly highlight each of the major sections of the paper
Learners do not have an opportunity to read your paper, so give them an overview from ancient history, 1800s to present day, and future
Link to the video is posted to the Discussion Board by due date/time
Overall impression-15 points

The presenter is wearing a business casual outfit (no pajamas, shorts, etc.)
The presenter uses correct grammar to convey the summary
The summary is polished and organized
The background/backdrop of the video should be clear of clutter (no messy dorm rooms, etc.) or distracting background noise (television, other people talking, etc.)
Requirements for the Final Paper

Formatting and General Requirements

Title Page
Times New Roman 12 Point Font
APA 6th edition in text and reference citations
There should be a minimum of 8 scholarly sources. Your textbook can count as one source. Journal articles should count for at least 6 sources, and you may use one or more websites that end in either .gov or .edu.
6 to 8 pages of content; this does not include your title or reference pages
Paper should include an introduction, topic statement, body, and conclusion; if you need help structuring and academic paper, please consult the Write Site or the Online Writing Lab at TWU
The paper should be written in third person (not first person) using an active not a passive voice
The paper should not be copied and pasted from the internet. The paper should not be another students words. The paper should be your own writing with citations used correctly.
Specific Requirements

Using the Rosen (2015) textbook as a starting point, learners should trace the evolution of the treatment of a disease/illness/or health problem (i.e. epilepsy, alcoholism, sanitation of medical facilities ) or the evolution of a medical practice/technique (i.e. back surgery, neurosurgery, amputations) from ancient times to present day and into the future using the help of scholarly sources. Learners can choose any topic as long as they address the bullet points listed below within their paper.

Ancient History

Briefly address any societal, environmental, and behavioral factors that impacted the treatment of the disease or condition or the evolution of the medical technique
Explain how religion, circulating ideas, major thinkers/philosophers of the time, societal points of view on public health, and/or general beliefs affect responses to the health issue or the development of the treatment or technique. Give a few examples from the literature that you consulted.
Consider the questions below as you prepare this section, and make sure to reference examples from the literature that you reviewed:
What type(s) of healers treated the issue, and what techniques did they use?
How did healers try to extend life and relieve suffering?
Name at least three historical documents that addressed the illness/health issue based on what you discovered in scholarly literature
How were medical records kept? How have these records helped promote medical knowledge about the health issue or medical procedure?
1800s to the Present

Analyze which culture(s) was/were responsible for advancing treatment of the health issue or the development of the medical technique/practice. Provide some examples from the literature that you reviewed.
Address any relevant medical discoveries, advancements, and/or events related to the issue or technique/practice
Which advancement in public health (since the 1950s) has been the most significant in treating this issue or developing this medical technique/practice and why?
In present day, do any groups face this issue or need this procedure more than others? For example,does it occur more frequently by gender, occupational status (i.e. coal miner or military veteran), race/ethnicity, or socioeconomic status?

What challenges do you see facing the cure for this disease or medical condition in the future? Otherwise, what advancements are needed in order to make this medical procedure or technique more effective or more affordable based on the literature that you reviewed?
How can health educators advocate for patients facing this issue or needing this medical procedure now and in the future?

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