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How do casinos consistently game their own systems to always be the winner?

Research question: How do casinos consistently game their own systems to always be the winner?

Literature review for the resources

In a 5 page paper, select four sources from your second Annotated Bibliography and discuss how your second chosen discipline approaches your research question. You should organize this type of paper along thematic lines. It should not be a collection of one-page article summaries, moving from one article to the next. Rather,  commonalities and differences among your sources should provide the organizational framework for your paper. If done correctly, a single paragraph will include the views of multiple authors. Consider the following questions when thinking about your source material: (1) What are the primary questions within that discipline concerning your issue? (2) What data does the discipline collect to better understand the subject? (3) What do scholars in the discipline view as the primary sources of contention or conflict within the issue? (4) What solutions do scholars provide?

As per the attached Analytical Research Paper Rubric, “A” papers will:
1. skillfully connect the work of scholars within the discipline with the broader topic and specific issue.
2. make pertinent, thoughtful, and perceptive connections among sources to reveal previously unknown patterns, differences, or similarities related to issue.
3. contain concise paragraphs, strong topic sentences, smooth transitions, and a coherent and logical progression of argument.
4. contain no errors in spelling, usage, grammar, syntax, and formatting, and adhere to proper MLA citation style
Be sure to follow the attached Assignment Rubric

Papers must be in a Word document or pdf file with 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one-inch margins, and follow proper MLA citation style. 

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