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How does your curriculum incorporate culturally responsive brain rules?

Answer each question with 250-300 words 2 scholarly/ peer reviewed references


1. How does student-centered advocacy affect students as members of a school culture? Describe 3-5 possible barriers inhibiting student-centered advocacy. For each barrier, present feasible solutions to create effective student-centered advocacy at your school. (250-300 words 2 scholarly/ peer reviewed references)


This might be helpful: Watch “How to Start a Movement,” by Sivers, located on the TED website.






2. Reflecting back to Topic 1, your Implicit Bias Test scores, self-evaluation, and the principals of neuroscience, how does this influence your teaching? What type of learning environment has this produced for your students?


Reflect on this: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy


From the IAT test I undertook on the Harvard website, I have a different perspective concerning life, my career, sexuality, race portions as well as the diverse kinds of disability that exist in the world.


From the undertaken study, it is clear that I have a moderate as well as an automatic association for male with career. On the other hand, I am well associated and I identify more with Females who have family. The IAT, that is, the Implicit Association Test has been a sorting test which helps in sorting out or identifying diverse concepts in one’s life and how they relate with one another (Greenwald, et.al, 2015).


From the questions I have answered, I have scored slightly over 75 % whereby, preferences that are implicit have related to discrimination in promotion and hiring, criminal justice as well as medical treatment.


As at now, there has not been enough research undertaken to conclude that biases that are implicit may get reduced or even eliminated. When looking at the IAT tests, it is quite essential to be aware of the diverse cultures. It has been proven that cultural responsiveness is an important concept in our day to day lives and how we relate with one another.


Other than these, research on the IAT tests has shown that the idea of culture is not about the ideas of how culturally aware we are of ourselves but how best we relate with the ones around us and the novel circumstances we face on a daily basis regarding our environment.


How do we relate to people dealing with disability? How do we deal with ex-convicts? Such kinds of questions are important in determining the cultural responsive pedagogy of a given individual (Mendonça, et.al, 2019). From the figure posted above, the results show that most of the individuals tend to indirectly associate or link to the male gender especially those with career. 


(250-300 words 2 scholarly/ peer reviewed references)



3. How does your curriculum incorporate culturally responsive brain rules? Outline each example and express your opinion on its level of effectiveness. Based on your outline, evaluate if your curriculum is rich or lacking in culturally responsive brain rules.  If you find that your curriculum is lacking, describe the culturally responsive brain rules that would apply to this curriculum and why. 

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