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How is HLS strategy related to critical mission areas?

Two Page

Part 1

You have been asked by several of your employees to explain homeland security (HLS) strategy. Draft a memo that will address the following queries:

  • What is HLS strategy?
  • How is HLS strategy related to critical mission areas?
  • How are critical mission areas related to the 9/11 attacks?

Part 2

To provide your colleagues with a practical illustration of how HLS operates, pick a major technology initiative undertaken by the Department of Homeland Security since its inception in 2003, and create a presentation for your colleagues. In it, cover the following:

  • Explain the initiative’s background and the purpose of HLS for undertaking the initiative.
  • Describe the current status of the program, and assess its effectiveness in relation to its objective.

Support your arguments with authoritative sources, and apply appropriate APA formatting guidelines.


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