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How-To-Marketing: Branding Messages

After reading these How-To Marketing articles on tactics and strategies, please share below any excerpts you may have found especially useful or interesting and tell why.

A rose by another name may smell as sweet, but would anybody sniff it? Marcia Yudkin offers tips on choosing the right moniker for effective promotion and PR.

Looking to polish up your place in the market? Leslie McKerns provides 25 effective ways to enhance your company’s name recognition and brand value.

When you launch or develop an existing brand, public relations should play a critical role, advises Leslie McKerns with a brief how-to.

Everyone in the world may want, use, and need your product or service — but so what? Marcia Yudkin says it takes interesting bits to get media bites.

It’s good to be known, but it’s even more profitable to be wanted. Robert Gelphman shares some marketing insights into the art of becoming wanted through effective positioning.

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