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Human Resources Management

Before you attempt to answer these questions, you must carefully read the Massachusetts Financial Services case study and the assigned readings and use them as references for your analysis. NO APA format requirement for this assignment.

Answer these 5 questions, There is no format requirement for the case analysis. Put your answer under each question and answer all the questions precisely and thoroughly.
1. What are the characteristics of the MFS anti-star system? What types of workers does the MFS system attract? Explain.
2. Does the MFS system have weak or strong pay-to-performance? Explain. What type of behavior does the MFS system motivate?
3. What are the potential problems and major challenges created by the MFS performance evaluation system? What are your suggestions for managing these problems and challenges?
4. What are the challenges of transporting the MFS system to another company?
5. Do you think that MFS will be successful in using their system for their hedge fund managers? If not, why not? If so, upon what will their success depend?

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