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Human Service

Each student will prepare a brief report (2-3 pages) of a particular social policy. Your policy analysis should be organized around the following framework (adapted from the model for policy analysis presented in the textbookp. 29):

1. What is nature of the issue targeted by the policy? What causes it?
2. Who are the people affected by it?
3. What are the stated goals of the policy? What are the values implicit in the policy? Who oversees, evaluates and coordinates the policy? (Questions 1 to 3: policy definition/description)
4. How has the policy been dealt with in the past? Has it changed overtime? (historical analysis)
5. If the policy has historic roots, what are the outcomes of the policy have been in relation to its stated goals? If the policy is a new one, how will the policy outcomes be evaluated? (policy or program evaluation)
6. Who are the major stakeholders, the policy’s supporters? Opponents?
7. Based on your education and what you have learned so far, do you think the policy is likely to decrease the impact of inequity for some segment of the population? If “no,” what recommendations might you make to reform of the policy? (policy or program evaluation)

Every stage of this analysis (1-7 above) must be supported with appropriate citations/research literature. 

Your policy analysis should also include a list of references in APA format; this list should include a variety of academic references and reliable online sources (7 references minimum).

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