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HW_321_Epics & User Stories

Hello. Using the Epics & User Stories material from the 4/16 lecture ( in theI attachment below), please answer the following:

What type of role and employer do you hope to work in after you complete your collegiate studies (eg your position & the entity)?

What products or services are provided by this employer?

Who are the key User Groups of the entity (eg if the entity was CSUF, three key user groups or user types are Students, Faculty, & Administration)?

For each key user group, please provide a User Story in the following format:

As a [user type], I want to [achieve some outcome] so that [some purpose is attained] 

An example of a user story for my role is:  As an Instructor of CPSC 313, I want to teach students about the computers impacts on society so that they have additional understanding of the world around them.

I need 2 pages

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