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There have been many episodes of hyperinflation, but the most famous are that of Germany during the interwar years, Zimbabwe 2007, Venezuela currently, Bolivia 1984, Yugoslavia in the 1990s, or Israel in the 1980s. There are just examples- you may use one of these but you don’t have to, feel free to find and use other examples.
Explain how the hyperinflation began, how bad it was, how it affected the population, and finally, how it was eventually contained. What I specifically will be looking for is the answer to-
– How/why did the hyperinflation begin?
– How did it end?
Note that your paper should only focus on a historical episode it is not necessary for you to define what hyperinflation is (I already know what it is). Thus, please refrain from defining hyperinflation in your essays instead stick to describing a hyperinflationary episode.
Criteria for the assignment-
– 300 word minimum, 600 word maximum. So about 1-2 double-spaced pages.
– Normal margins. Normal font (12).
– I will not require a works cited page.
– NO SHENANIGANS. I will be checking for plagiarism.

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