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Hypotheses to Explain the Origins of Our Species

Please type your response in a word processing software (e.g., MS Word, Pages). Your response should be single-spaced and no longer than 1 page in length.

Step 1: Select one of the hypotheses to explain the origins of Homo sapiens (Multiregional, Out of Africa, Assimilation).
Step 2: Explain the hypothesis concisely and clearly in your own words.
Step 3: Explain the type of genetic evidence used to support the hypothesis. Why would this genetic evidence support the hypothesis you selected? Could the genetic evidence you explained also support a different hypothesis? Why/why not? (1 paragraph)
Step 4: Make a judgement as to what type of fossil evidence you would *expect* to see to support the hypothesis of your choice. Why would this fossil evidence support the hypothesis you selected? (1 paragraph)

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