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Ideas generation and development in Art & Design

TASK 5b – BTEC Art & Design Unit 2: Ideas Generation and Development in Art and Design (LO4: 4.1) Following on from task 5a (Visual Communicatiuon in Art & Design), you need to demonstrate an understanding of the various cultural contexts in which ideas are visually transmitted. For example, the development of different design styles and materials is impacted by location (global, national and regional), ethnic and social backgrounds and trends in fashion, music and media (to name a few). No doubt you will have discovered many new facts and developed your own thoughts while you have conducted research throughout the course to date.

The best way to demonstrate this ongoing process is to submit your design journal with referenced notes.
If you want to do a separate piece of work then please do so.

The highlighted sections above focus on what you need to do and indicate that this is something you should have come across over the course of your research throughout the course and for this project. Rather than doing a separate piece of work you should be able to give your own explanation and make notes about how you came to your conclusions within your notes you could indicate (or reference) areas or pages of your design journal that support your thoughts and ideas.

*Propose new approaches to developing own work through the application of visual communication techniques;

*Record and analyse how specific contexts interact with ideas.

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