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IKEAs Global Sourcing Challenge, 8-1,
Completed in a memo format; double spaced with 1 margins and should be four pages in length.
1.    Identify major problems/themes Identify the various problems/themes outlined in the case and discuss how they are or are not linked to one another. If you believe there is a theme that dominates the case, you should identify it as such. This is critical. The value of your remaining analysis is largely determined by this step.
2.    Identify potential solutions Develop a set of feasible solutions to help limit your analysis to a finite set of choices.
3.    Develop criteria for addressing/solving the problem State your approach to addressing/solving the problem. What are your relevant considerations? What are alternative solutions and how did you select among them? You should critically analyze the situation given the constraint of information and or resources available to you as indicated in the case.
4.    Make a final recommendation.

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