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IMC promotional mix on advertising to Hispanic Target market

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) help advertisers attack communication problems from a variety of points of view. This multimedia approach has been applied to communication by many advertising agencies over the past few years. One challenge for IMC planners, however, is the U.S. Hispanic market. Broadly defined, the Hispanic market includes those of Spanish, South American, Mexican, and Caribbean descent. As the number one minority in the United States, Hispanics comprise a market that is diverse with respect to preferences and lifestyles. Many in this market still speak Spanish (or native country dialect) as their primary language.

Investigate the Hispanic market by going to http://www.demographics.com or a favorite search engine. After you have reviewed marketing and advertising efforts toward this target market, propose an IMC promotional mix that you believe would be ideal for carrying a shopping malls message to Hispanics. The basic message would be Come to the MallWere Here to Serve Your Needs. The shopping mall believes that as they attract Hispanics, sales and profits will increase. Discuss your promotional mix plan in your paper.

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