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immigration or gender pay inequality

-4 cited sources
-12 point font size, double-spacing, and 1″ margins
-Utilize one theory for the essay :Symbolic Interaction; Functional Analysis; and Conflict Theory or Feminist Theory.
1.Introduction: Provide a topic description  – How would you define the social issue or challenge?  Why did you choose this topic?  Why it is important?
2.Background of Social Issue: What are the current statistics on this topic? Which populations are impacted?
3. Applying a Sociological framework: Why is it important to be able to address the problems associated with this issue from a sociological perspective? Please refer to the textbook/research/your OWN understanding.
4. Theoretical Analysis: Which theory do you believe provides an appropriate analysis of the issue?
5. Research: What three articles, books, magazines, journals will you include in the discussion of your topic?  (Examples can come from newspaper articles, scholarly journals, books, sociology textbooks, online news sites
6.  Reference Page or Bibliography. This must be done using a scholarly format (APA or MLA). (15 points) IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU CITE EACH REFERENCE IN YOUR PAPER AND LIST EVERY REFERENCE ON PAGE FIVE OF YOUR PAPER FOR FULL CREDIT.

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