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impact my teaching

You are going to watch all  videos attached in the order and write very personal early childhoods teacher (as Latinos, Urban/NYC Teacher) reflection/term paper responding the following questions.
1.    What did you learn?
2.    How does it impact my teaching?
3.    Drawing from all my coursework; what is happening? What am I thinking about? How does this help me with my teaching?


7 pages essay:

Page one: 1 1/2-page Intro What mean to be a NYC Latino Teacher during COVID-19 pandemic feeling that school leaders do not care about you as teacher. 1/2 Transitional to What did you learn from the videos?

Page Three: 2 -page: How does it impact my teaching?

Page Five: 1 1/2-page:  to conclude: Drawing from all my coursework (Early childhood Education); what is happening? What am I thinking about? How does this help me with my teaching? 1/2 to conclude the essay with intimacy reflection.

Videos 4 Hours 38 Minutes 22 Second  X 3  = 13 Hours 55 Minutes 06 Second 

The Bronx River Study: Launching the School Year in Jessica and Andrenes First Grade Classroom  37:34 Minutes
https://vimeo.com/210979734  12:54 minutes
https://vimeo.com/210186229  03:19 minutes
https://vimeo.com/210973510  02:21 minutes
https://vimeo.com/210184893  05:00 minutes
https://vimeo.com/211018577  14:00 minutes

Creating a Caring Community of Learners:  Kimberly and Vanessas 1st/2nd Grade Classroom
3 Hours 20 Minutes 48 Second
https://vimeo.com/291186179 11:25 minutes
https://vimeo.com/291197148  02:08 minutes
https://vimeo.com/291163342  02:59 minutes
https://vimeo.com/291198925  02:54 minutes
https://vimeo.com/291171986  02:33 minutes
https://vimeo.com/291193431  03:46 minutes
Supporting Language and Early Literacy
Affirming Children’s Linguistic Identity
https://youtu.be/_6tWipxHP6Y  03:49 minutes
Learning About a Child’s Family Culture
https://youtu.be/RgHZq-qJHeY  02:28 minutes
Supporting English Language Learners in the Preschool Classroom
https://youtu.be/09PrmLppQ1A  07:24 minutes
Supporting Oral Language Development in Dual Language Learners
https://youtu.be/jKeVY5k3cDU 10:49 minutes
A Study of the Play of Dual Language Learners in an English-Speaking Classroom
https://youtu.be/z2MXGOgrSR4  08:31 minutes
Engaging Children in Oral Storytelling to Support Oral Language Development https://youtu.be/GZmIUNYXLe8  06:50 minutes
Supporting Oral Language Development in a Language-Rich Environment
https://youtu.be/lRw9tSQRpQU  09:32 minutes
Utilizing Interactive Read-Alouds to Support Oral Language Development
https://youtu.be/gkqMafxiRZU  07:11 minutes
5 Predictors of Early Literacy
https://youtu.be/HqImgAd3vyg  06:35 minutes
Building Vocabulary in the Preschool Classroom
https://youtu.be/48h8Fe-cfbQ  01:52 minutes
What We Learned from the Community Partners for Early Literacy Project
https://youtu.be/WKKnqKW8Oos  29:20 minutes
Building Positive Relationships With Families
https://youtu.be/65pnI1ygXNs  02:05 minutes
Cultural Influences on Children’s Play
https://youtu.be/3lANWHxKtfc 01:57 minutes
The Importance of Play
https://youtu.be/vnH4Ijen7OI 05:20 minutes
Supporting Cultural Diversity in the Preschool Classroom
https://youtu.be/1fY2f0k5guI 09:07 minutes
Grocery Store to Craft Market
https://youtu.be/_b8ZkhPoH_M  11:07 minutes
Building Childrens Background Knowledge: Using Money in Dramatic Play
https://youtu.be/E0ki8F_Km0g  02:05 minutes
Introducing Technology to Young Children
https://youtu.be/29ylsrxof48  05:19 minutes

Using Digital Video to Enhance Observation and Assessment
https://youtu.be/vX2RhjIJbHk  17:19 minutes
Using Technology with Young Children in the Early Childhood Classroom
https://youtu.be/8en3v_gz2sU 17:45 minutes

TIMPANI Toy Study:
https://youtu.be/WJz9EetyWdc 13:12 minutes
https://youtu.be/fQiiDCVcB8I 15:37 minutes
https://youtu.be/Ym9p6DEhsAE 16:15 minutes
https://youtu.be/0JPEJ7YWlDg 11:24 minutes
https://youtu.be/jOUn9ddZFss  14:33 minutes
https://youtu.be/PvTxz__-7qw 10:05 minutes
https://youtu.be/OHG6Ce2TIqY 09: 51 minutes
https://youtu.be/tNnjaB5Na9o 06: 40 minutes
https://youtu.be/qv5C7GzQIqs  06: 36 minutes

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