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“Implementation of iterative procedures for petroleum field development problems (e.g., well placement optimization, well completion design, etc)”

Introduction of project:


Develope the FieldOpt( optmizaiton software) framwork . Find out the best well location (max production). FieldOpt is  written in C++, we try to add different algorithms in it.  Objective function (production,f(x)=-q,) is non-derivative free function.  Trust-region algorthim is chosed here. Assuming several points( locations of wells, x ), get the corresponding objective values(-q) from Eclipse simualtion. Build a quadratic model. Find the well optmization location by using trust-region algorhims.


You dont need to explain how to apply this algortims to solve well placment problem. Just the general  introduction of the trust region algorthims, literature review, development of the oil field,  field optimization problem, reseacher stratey , work plan.etc


You can get more details in the following. I have written some topics for each paragraph, but there are not all-inclusive. You can read them as reference points.  Please write down if you have any other ideas.



7-13 lines    100-150 words

total  7-10 pages  , 2500-3000 words







1.1 Development in oil and gas field (1-2 pages)


3-  5paragraphs


Overview of the field operation Background/ challenges/ problems

Motivation for optimization Objections(optimized cost, maxmize, Challegnes key optimization problem ( well control, well placment)




3- 5 paragraphs


state of the art, how the problem is solved


Well placement optimization (2-3pages)



2- 4 paragraphs Introduction Problem definition

Short description




2- 3 paragraphs Challenging



comparing  with well control optimization


2- 3 paragraphs

Overview of methods have been used.


Compare gradient-based and derivative-free methods , why not gradient-based method

overview of Derivative-free methods have been used(literature review)

advantages and drawbacks





1.3 Main contributions from this work (1pages)



1-2paragrahs (explain FieldOpt)


We concerns the development of FieldOpt a software. FieldOpt is an open-source software package written in C++to efficiently prototype and test optimization algorithms on realis-tic design and production cases in the petroleum industry. Reservoir simulation is a main modeling tool for the performance of these cases. With FieldOpt, we seek to simplify and speed up the process of developing and applying new optimization methodologies to interest-ing petroleum cases.



1-2paragraph Add trust region algorithms to the framework


Objective of this project,We present TRDFO algorithm to solve the well-placement optimiza-tion

In our work we proposed derivative-free optimization methodologies based on trust-region al-gorithm.. why this method ? short description of trust region, advantages /challenges/what is the difference b/e what you are doing and what people have done before , Testing a new type of algorithms to this problem . How does this contribute to FieldOpt: it enhances FieldOpt by adding one or two new algorithms to the framework.



1-2paragraph Ojectives/goals/expected results


Implement trust region method, help improve the FieldOpt software, develop the reservoir production…….


1.4 Research strategy (1pages)




1- 2 paragraph Tools



Use the FieldOpt platform to implement, i.e., code, iterative procedures that optimize for well placement. Use reservoir simulator to compute objective function.

literature search (trust region)


going to use reservoir simulators( ECLIPSE-schlumberger) use the FieldOpt framework, C++, CLion code platform

study the opt++ implementation to learn about algorithms ( trust region), and how to im-plement simular algorithms using C++ within FieldOpt

PGGs suite of production cases, Reservoir production cases: 5spot, Rio, Reek Writing





Work Plan( one year)



Specialization project (first semeter 08.16-12.16)


Understanding theory,reservoir optimization problem, challenges, literature search, general de-scription of optimization algorihm, in particular trust region algorithm




Master thesis

(last semester 01.17-06.17)


Master Thesis: Implement optimization procedure within FieldOpt, writting in C++, testing trust region algorithms in different production cases





Trust region method in derivative-free optimization (2-3pages)




Trust region idea


3-4 paragraph

Why derivative free


Description of the problem Introduction of algorithm frame of the algorithms

How to build up model(interpolation, radial basis…….)

advantages, drawbacks,



Survey of trust region alogrithm


3-4 paragraph


Literature review (research progress)&Comparing

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