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Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans

What are some current and potential risks in the global environment that might impact the choice of international strategies, particularly international corporate-level strategies? 

How can organizations benefit from performing a political risk analysis?

Under what conditions would it make sense to use a political weakness as an opportunity to transfer operations in the home country to a new market?

What are some potential advantages to implementing a cooperative strategy?  What might be some potential risks?

What is a strategic network? What is a strategic center firm? How is a strategic center used in business-level, corporate-level, and international cooperative strategies?

What are the benefits of implementing International Cooperative Strategies? Why?

What are political risks and what are economic risks? How should firms approach dealing with these risks?

What is a top management team, and how does it affect a firm’s performance and its abilities to innovate and design and bring about effective strategic change?

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