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Importance of Technological Advancement in Business – Business Capstone

APA Format, 7-10 pages, minimum 5 sources, and outline. 
Outline: Provide all appropriate headings, and 2-3 summary sentences per heading.  Include Title page, intro, body – 3 heading paragraphs, conclusion, and reference/citations page.
Paper: Include the importance of technology advancement, common challenges relatable to business administration processes, and how they can be avoided/overcome.
Intro-Overview of technology in business
              3)How businesses can overcome challenges of technological
                  changes, and adapt to technological changes.
Conclusion-The importance of technological change in business, and
                            why it is important for businesses to embrace, and
                            accepting of technological advancements, as well as
                            flexible and adaptable to new technologies.
Reference/Citations Page- A minimum of 5 creditable sources

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