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Incidence of Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms Among Two Year College Students

Your paper will be based on the first 15 survey questions. The paper itself is worth 800 points!  It has eight sections with each section receiving a grade.  The final grade for the paper is the average of the eight grades.  The eight sections are: Title Page, Abstract, Chapter One: Overview, Chapter Two: Review of Literature, Chapter Three: Methodology, Chapter Four: Results, Chapter Five: Summary and Discussion, and References.  Your paper will be graded using APA guidelines. That is, an APA header, Times New Roman 12 font throughout the document, APA references in the body of the paper as well as reference listed in the Reference page, APA formatted.  Each section is on a separate page and explained below.

Title Page
See sample document. Use the title given to you.

Your abstract should typically be no more than 250 words and should be a single paragraph, double-spaced that describes (summarizes) the content of the document.

Chapter One: Overview
Your topic is Anxiety and Depression. Chapter One has about five to six sentences. The first sentence is a topic sentence. The next sentence is a definition of terms used in the paper. Please use DSM-5 to describe anxiety and depression. The next sentence is statistics about anxiety and depression. This requires an in-text reference. The next sentence describe problems related to anxiety and depression and its impact on daily living. The last paragraph will state: This paper will survey two-year college students on the incidence of anxiety and depression among this population. This page should be no longer than one and one-half pages. However, typically one page is sufficient.

Chapter Two: Review of Literature
This section reports the history of the topic.  The Review of Literature should not be an outline or bulleted statements.  It is a historical review of the evolution of understanding of the topic. Typically, the historical review has three section: History before 1800s, 1800 1945, and 1945 to the present.  Write in paragraphs and do not use in-text headers. This section should be longer than one page, but no more than three.

Chapter Three: Methodology
This is pre-written and you should insert this section into your paper.

Chapter Four: Results
In this section use the data from the survey to construct your tables, yes, tables. You should have 15 tables.  See attach document for an illustration of how table data should be presented.  After reporting the data, the last sentence should state: The majority (over 50%) of the responses reported .  DO NOT deviate from this format.

Chapter Five: Summary and Discussion
This section should have seven paragraphs. The first paragraph is a brief statement about what was done. This is one or two sentences in length. The second paragraph is a summary of the 15 tables present in Chapter Four. However, in Chapter Five: Summary and Results, you discuss the majority responses. Numbers or percent not needed. This data is taken from the last sentence in Chapter Four Results. The third, fourth, and fifth paragraphs discusses the three major take away from the data. In other words, what are the three things you learned from the survey data. The last paragraph offers your insights into the data and recommendations for future researchers.

Three APA formatted references. References listed on the Reference page, should be in the text of the paper.

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