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Individual Assignment


Note: There are individual and group submissions involved with this assignment as explained below and also in this brief .

Groups C and D: Submit by midnight Wednesday…. Group Submission (one post per group!).

Research 2 leaders of organizations (any leader of a company, non-profit, or other organization that has been written about is fine) and explain why you believe that their leadership approaches were effective or ineffective. The leadership approaches should involve how the leaders managed employees (not the financial/strategic moves that the companies made).

Your group response should be 400-500 words in length and posted by Creating a Thread with your group letter in the subject line such as “Group X Research and Report Back.”

Groups A, B, E, F, G, and H: Submit by midnight Saturday…. Individual Submission.

Provide 1 substantive comment on Group C’s or Group D’s research.

Please be reminded to do your fair share: The instructor should be notified about any group member who is not contributing their fair share of the work. Per the syllabus, when there is evidence from numerous group members about an individual not carrying their weight, the instructor will adjust grades and also can ask free riding group members to complete group assignments by themselves.

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