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Individual Project 4

Assignment OverviewUnit 4 – Individual Project
Deliverable Length: 150 words
Training Needs Analysis

There are many generations in the workforce today. Each generation has its own elements, different ways of thinking, and varying differences in how they work and what they think may be effective. Using the following scenario, and as a trainer, how can we help every generation in the workplace better understand each other and work more cohesively together?

Julie Johnson has recently joined the organization as a young and bright HR executive with a lot of promise. Her qualifications and talent are beyond question and everyone at the office likes her a lot. However, she was recently observed coming late to the office and leaving early. Her work is proper and timely but it bothered many of the older employees in the office. It gave the impression of a lack of commitment to the organization and a disregard for working hours.

Think about training opportunities that will help Julie Johnson. What training opportunities would you use for Julia Johnson and her coworkers in the workplace so that they could understand one another? What topics and/or activities would you place in that training to improve work relationships, morale, and cohesiveness?

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