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In this course, you have examined the concepts of managing successful retail business models. One of the expectations from society and from the business world is that an organization perform in an ethical manner when conducting all of its business affairs. While society, in general and the business world specifically, may have standards of ethical behavior (i.e. American Marketing Associations Code of Ethics), there are potentially higher standards that exist in the Bible with associated promises for those who abide by those standards.

Considering all that you have learned in this course, reflect on ways that a retailer could manage operations in a manner that brings favor to the overall organization. Use Scripture verses that include promises of favor to those who follow the precepts of the selected verses.

Your essay must be 500750 words, cite at least 2 verses from the Bible with indication of outcomes for those who adhere to the precepts of the verses, and demonstrate a clear relationship between the selected Scripture verses and the proposed ethical behavior for the retailer. Refer to the IFL (Integration of Faith and Learning) Essay Grading Rubric for further specific criteria. Your essay must be submitted as a Word document attachment through the SafeAssign link.

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