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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS RESEARCH, analysis of an existing international company that is listed in a stock exchange COMPANY: UAE EMAAR


Please continue the paper i have attached, the references are at the bottom for you to use, please read the content before continuing.

You will apply the concepts, analytical tools and frameworks of this course to analyze the host countries external and internal environments, identify opportunities and risks, and present how those will impact the companys operations in both home and host countries.

For the project i have done and attached the below 3,

1. SWOT analysis (model)

2. PESTEL Analysis (for all three countries)

3. Porters Five Forces (model)

I would like for you to complete the below:

4. Foreign Market Exchange Risks

5. Modes of Entry – Export/Import Considerations

6. Motives for foreign entry

7. Direct Investment/Collaborative Strategy

8. Marketing Approaches (International Marketing Mix)

9. International Human Resource Management

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