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International Politics

US-Russian Relations

Watch the PBS documentary Cuban Missile Crisis: Three Men Go to War
After watching the documentary, go on to the internet and do some reading in newspapers and foreign policy outlets about the current state of US-Russian relations (you should be able to find a ton of these just by typing US-Russian Relations into any search engine; oddly enough you will get different results depending on the search engine you use, so try different search engines and dont just hang on to the first few results, skip around a bit and get a feel for what you think is happening).

Summarize what you think the state is of US-Russian relations (30%). Then discuss whether the history of the US-Soviet relations during the Cold War is helpful for understanding contemporary US-Russian relations and why (30%). Is there a chance that the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis could occur again in the near future? Explain why or why not (40%).


Your paper should be 2 pages long, double-spaced (minimum 500 words).
You should be using a 12 pt font. Anything else is unacceptable.
Margins should be 1 all around.
You should appropriately document all of your sources using either parenthetical references or endnotes. Likewise, a bibliography should appear at the end of your paper (note: endnotes and bibliography do not count toward your total page count).
Your textbook cannot be used as a reference.
Review your work before submitting to ensure your sentences are clear and errors are corrected. Up to 10% (out of a 100 total) may be deducted for writing errors. More credit will be lost for any factual errors.

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