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International Relations and human rights

By applying the realist theory to Coca Cola’s Human right breaches in South East Asia, it is clear how globalisation has made it possible for these violations to occur from an economic, political and social perspective.
This is the thesis that must be used. ^^^^

Word Limit: 1500 words, excluding bibliography/works cited
Sources: at least 6 separate sources of information (books, web essays, news articles, speeches)
Key skills: You might give an account of how different players affect and are affected by each other in IR; you might discuss theoretical perspectives; you might analyse causes and consequences; you might use models and concepts; you might identify solutions to IR issues; you will search for, evaluate and refer appropriately to a range of sources; you will present your knowledge and understanding in a structured manner.
International law. Opportunities and difficulties in safeguarding the rights and security of states and individuals. Basic international conventions on human freedom and rights, and the scope for different players to apply these.
The importance of globalisation for individuals, groups and societies, and the opportunities and challenges regarding the environment and allocation of resources.
Different players, their goals and instruments, and how these interact with foreign and security policy. Challenges facing the modern nation state as an international player.
Different theoretical perspectives on international relations.
Causes and consequences of cooperation and conflicts.
Knowledge of democracy and human rights both individual and collective rights, social issues, social conditions, and various community organizations and functions from local to global levels based on different interpretations and perspectives.
Knowledge of the significance of historical context and how various ideological, political, economic, social and environmental conditions affect and are affected by individuals, groups and community structures.
Ability to analyze social issues and identify the causes and consequences of these using social science concepts, theories, models and methods.
Ability to seek, critically evaluate and interpret information from various sources and evaluate sources of relevance and credibility.
Ability to express their knowledge of social studies in various forms of presentation.

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