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Below is a listing that I am offering to all classmates as “food for thought,” some of which you may have already mentioned.
Here are a few more things to consider: (playing the devil’s advocate here)
Do you believe that globalization is a necessary evil? That people are becoming one and losing their individuality? That US citizens are losing jobs to outsourcing and relocation? That the rich are becoming richer in third-world countries? That the money is not trickling down to those who need it most? That most countries need more schools and hospitals rather than McDonald’s?
Which do you support–lower-priced items from other countries, or do you pay a little more for American made? Is the money for imported goods distributed to those who need it most? Do American workers lose jobs because of foreign products due to the low cost of that product, outsourcing, or companies relocating? Is it worth it to pay a little more for the American brand in order to help our citizens and our economy?
Should the US be the first country to always come to the aid of other countries’ disasters? Is our help appreciated or even wanted? Shouldn’t we help our own first?
Does globalization increase the importation of inferior and even dangerous products, especially since there are not enough inspectors available to inspect imports properly?
some negatives (think, also, of this current pandemic).
Disadvantages of Globalization
There are cons of globalization are as follows:
Many people from developed nations are losing jobs and that is posing a problem for them since the companies are outsourcing work to developing countries since the cost of labor is low and profits the company considerably.
There is immense pressure on the employed people of developed countries who are always under the threat of their jobs being outsourced.
Corporations are building up units in other countries that are equally well equipped, thus transferring the quality to other countries.
There are some experts who think that globalization along with the positive aspects is also leading to the incursion of negatives like communicable diseases and social degeneration.
There is also a threat of corporates ruling the world because there is a lot of power and money invested by them due to globalization.
For nations that are at the receiver’s end are also giving up the reins in the ends of a foreign company which might again lead to a sophisticated form of colonization.
Globalization may lead to loss of cultural identity as Western ideas are always imposed upon the Eastern thoughts.
Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/pros-and-cons-of-globalization.html (Links to an external site.)
Professor Durish

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