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Diversity training is definitely a “must” in the workplace. How effective is it, though? Do people still form ethnic groups? Do they sit with one another at lunch? Where do all these groups sit in a meeting? How are suggestions accepted by all ethnic groups? What activities can you think of that would encourage the mingling of all ethnicities?

Patricia, you mentioned diversity and its importance and that you have attended diversity training. Does your current Internship job offer this training? Programs in diversity, conflict management, and harassment should be offered to all associates regardless of their levels at least once a year.
Even though we live in a metro area and consider ourselves savvy re diversity and globalization, there are many people in workplaces around the world who have never moved out of their neighborhoods or countries and may only know what has been passed down to them from family members or friends in the neighborhood, which could lead to prejudice and hatred. That is why education is key to understanding and embracing all ethnicities. With more worldwide trade, everyone should be ed0ucated re the “Do’s and Taboos” of people around the world. The success of a company may depend on it.
If you think your company would benefit from a diversity program, why not suggest it to your supervisor. It would not take much–perhaps it could be added to the employee handbook, the company could have a seminar, could hold a group discussion, could bring in a guest speaker, could hand out booklets/brochures, or show a PowerPoint presentation, whatever works with your company’s timeline and budget.
What do you think of this mnemonic?
D different
I individuals
V valuing
E each other
R regardless of
S skin
I intellect
T talents or
Y years

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