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Your Strengths and Weaknesses are fine.
Opportunities–these are factors that are not in place and, obviously, have not yet happened.  (See red text below). Some of your comments could be recommendations. Your second comment about the lack of IT ability is really a Weakness.
Threats–Two of the three categories mentioned are fine. Less than satisfactory IT help can be a Threat if you are talking about hackers or poor tower access or constant brown-out/black-out situations. Otherwise, it is a Weakness (internal problem).
Good APA reference writing; just remember that we do not use a “Retrieved from” date.
Not to worry; this is why we are working in Week 7 on this topic–lots of time for help and rewriting.
Here is some helpful information that can also be found in the sample SWOT paper in the SWOT Analysis Module:
Strengths and/or Weaknesses (internal factors): technology, communication, cost of service/product, abilities of associates and/or management, location and condition of the facility, marketing/sales strategies, easy travel access and parking (transportation), budget, size of the company, customer loyalty, community involvement, brand recognition, the workload of associates, teamwork.
Opportunities (external factors): mergers, relocation, expansion/globalization, technology if related to poor tower access and/or constant brown- or blackouts, offering new products or services, opening new departments.
Threats (external factors): competition, weather, trends, legal aspects (lawsuit), government interference, taxes, the economy, changing demographics, politics.
Professor Durish

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