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More detailed instructions: Locate an elderly personperhaps contact a retirement home for someone you may visit or interview a neighbor or grandparent. Ask them to share with you their life story and what they can of their personality.

Write a four-page paper. Begin the paper by describing who you interviewed, how you met them, or know them (This should be no more than a page and give the basic demographic information. For example, Mrs. Smith is a 50-year-old Caucasian woman who grew up in South Boston. She was a housewife and raised three children. She also worked in a factory..etc).
Based on your interview, assess their personality in terms of Eriksons developmental theory. You must include THREE of Eriksons stages. Be sure to explain Eriksons theory as you describe it. How did they resolve the various stages? Where do you believe they fit now? You should also comment on other aspects of their personality, but be sure to spend at least half the paper on Eriksons theory.
This paper will be graded on content as well as GOOD WRITING. EDIT, PROOFREAD, HAVE SOMEONE ELSE LOOK IT OVER!!

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