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Interview paper

Reflection Assignment Submission – Key Elements
Your reflection submission should be no more than 3 – 5 pages, double-spaced, 1 margins, 11 point
font, and should include the following sections:
Background. State your interviewees name and current title and organization. What is the role
and responsibilities of your interviewee and for how long have they served? How did they arrive
in this position? You should be able to answer these questions by researching them before your
interview. You should include the logistics on when/where you completed your interview and
list any classmates you conducted this interview with.
Your questions and rationale/priorities for the interview. State your interview questions and
intentions for the interview as well as detail on why you are asking the questions youve chosen.
If youre doing this interview as a group, you should agree on a single set of questions.
Interview summary. Summarize key information you learned during your interview and any
wisdom or commentary that you found particularly interesting or insightful.
Reflection. Answer the following questions in your personal reflection on the experience:
1. What did you learn about effective management or the challenges management faces in
the organization from your interview?
2. What did you learn about this executives leadership style? How does that compare to
your leadership style?
3. What was your favorite thing you learned through this experience (about yourself, the
executive, the company, etc.)? What went better during this experience than you

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