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Investigative Field Essay

(Minimum of 2,000 typed, polished words)This assignment asks you to explore the discourse of your declared, or prospective academic major, so that you can be a better, more engaged participant of this discourse community as you continue with your field of study. There are several elements that make up an investigative essay, including the fashioning of a research question, conducting primary and secondary research, and the presentation of information in written format following academic conventions. To begin, you will identify a contemporary topic or issue within your field of study that you wish to learn more about. Then, you will form a research question that will serve as the cornerstone of your investigative essay. In order to explore your research question, you will engage in primary research (collecting data through interviews and first-hand observation) and secondary research (consulting scholarly, popular, and professional publications). You must complete two (2) interviews of participants in your field. This includes, but is not limited to, professors, workforce members, and upperclassmen in your field of study. At least one of your interviews must be either a professor or a workforce member. You must also include a minimum of four (4) scholarly, peer-reviewed sources and two (2) non-scholarly publications relevant to your field of study. These elements will serve as the basis for your investigative essay.

My field of study is the medical field.

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