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Is Deforestation of the Amazon Killing the Earth?

This is the 4 assignment required, please see first 3 assignments written. This will be part of a 8 assignment capstone project on the effects os deforestation of the Amazon. I have included a 4 document, an early outline but I am open to suggestions.

Part I
-Develop a full-sentence outline for your entire capstone project. Use at least three levels (I, A, 1)
-Use alphanumeric or any other format that Word offers to create your outline (provided you go at least to the third level) and write in complete sentences (not phrases and not paragraphs). The use of full sentences will help your mentor better understand what you have in mind, since phrases can be ambiguous or lack sufficient information or clarity    –Outline should conclude with 5 to 7 sources in APA or MLA format with entries alphabetized. These sources should be academic in nature and indicative of a source that would be reliable and recognized, though it does not need to necessarily be peer-reviewed.

Part II
In your narrative, define the scope of your research question, determine the key concepts, and relate your sources directly to the research question or key concepts.

– With your research question in mind, explain the scope of your project. The scope includes the specific goals of your project as well as the tasks that need to be completed in order to reach those goals related to your research question. After completely defining your projects scope, defend the appropriateness of this scope for your project and why it is neither too broad nor too narrow.

– Determine the key concepts you must research, study, and analyze to move your project forward. Provide preliminary definitions of these key concepts and explain how they relate to your research question.

– Indicate the types of information sources (i.e. databases, journals, articles) that you have selected so far and will continue to seek. For each information source type, explain how it relates directly to your research question or the key concepts you have identified.

The narrative is intended to help the reader see how you have approached finding the required information to the resolution of your problem statement, research question, or continued development of your hypothesis or thesis statement. In an effort to expand your breadth of understanding of your topic,

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