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Write a response essay in which you explain your thoughts on a specific topic related to one of the two readings – either Leamnson or Carr. Focusing on just a few of your chosen  authors key points, assess the usefulness of their ideas and discuss their implications.  Respond with your own ideas on the topic, and compare your approach to the authors. 

Your ideas should cohere into a specific perspective, with a message you develop throughout the essay. Your essay should include direct references (quotations and/or paraphrases) from Leamnsons or Carrs text, followed by your explanations and responses.

This response essay will be graded based on the quality of writing fundamentals such as clear organization of content, development of a focused idea, use of evidence to support claims, conscientious source integration, and control of an elegant writing style.

High-quality essays will be distinguished by a focused and insightful reading of the chosen text that connects or applies the source authors ideas to a clear message from the student writer.

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