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Is it possible to be a Buddhist in England today?

Introduction : Talk about the expectations , problems and joys associated with modern day living in the UK today.Introduce the question. Is it possible to live in Britain and be a Buddhist at the same time ? Does a person have to completely change their lifestyle to be a Buddhist in Britain or can they adapt their lifestyle ?
Your next paragraphs should look at different aspects of Buddhism. Talk about whether they can ‘fit’ and indeed help individuals living in a modern world. Can they help us navigate a modern lifestyle or do they clash with it ?
Possible Next paragraph ideas : You could then go on to look at a number of topics That we have covered.
Worship. Shrines ( Where does worship take place?) –
Meditation – How can this help us to navigate modern day worries and stresses ( mindfulness)?
Buddhist ways of life eg monks vs lay buddhists – Can we be  a buddhist in Britain and function in a normal way ? Do adjustments need to be made ? Are these adjustments realistic ? How are lay buddhist different to Monks. Can Lay Buddhist be buddhist and live a modern life ? Do they want to? Is their way of life better ? Can it offer us a different way to live ? Is it the modern world that needs to change ?
Buddhist ideas : 8 fold path,5 precepts,4 Noble Truths , Annica /Dukkha / Anatta( suffering and impermanence),Karma, Reincarnation ( Choose at least 3 of these. Apply them to modern day living.Try not to choose the same ideas that you talked about in your last essay)
Conclusion : Return to the question here with your opinion. Make an initial statement then justify it with reasons ( 3 at least). Try not to just repeat what you have said in the main body of the essay.

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