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Issues of cultural differences in work-related aspects of society.

Final Research Paper
Write a research paper that is at least 2000 words, but no more than 2200 words, not including the cover page, abstract and/or references. It must be a double-spaced research paper using Arial or Times Roman 12-point font. It should be one of the topics covered and discussed in this course. The paper should address the issues of cultural differences in work-related aspects of society. The focus should be on countries and/or regions other than the US; however, the comparative analysis between other nations and the US is appropriate. You may also consider Globalization issues, such as the effect of Globalization on a certain professional field or similar comparisons. Choose a topic that is relevant to the course topics and discussions and something that is relevant to your own professional, personal, and academic experiences and interests. This
is the designated assignment for your e-portfolio. The paper must be written and organized according to APA format; particularly, pay attention to citations and references of research sources, and to the correspondence between citations in the text of your essay and references at the end. It is expected that you will be using 10 different
sources (minimum) that will include academic publications, national/international databases, media/news reports, etc. The cover sheet, abstract page, and reference pages do not count as part of the word count. You do need page numbers. Do not exceed the 2200 word limit. One aspect of this assignment is learning how to consolidate and organize your paper, so it stays within the word count limits. It is possible that additional pages will result in point deduction. You must show a word count. It must be saved as a word doc. PDF files will not be accepted.
Research Paper Components:
Cover Page
Abstract Page
Reference Pages
This paper will be submitted to Turn-It-In software in the dropbox. . The Turn-it-In
percentage must be 25% or less which can be seen via your originality report. If you
have a percentage between 25% and 35%, you can receive no higher than a 70%. All
assignments with a higher than 35% will not be accepted and you will receive an F (0
grade) for the assignment.
APA Components of a Typical Research Report
Abstract (2%)
Introduction (10%)
Statement of the problem/purpose of study (10%)
Need of the study/report/objective (Educational Value) (8%)
Literatures (10%)
Findings/Analysis (35%)
Conclusion (5%)
Recommendations (5%)
References (5%)
Overall APA format (10%)
* Note: All research projects must be written in APA style

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