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jazz age

Research Paper: Choose ANY Jazz Age Artist that embodies your concept Beauty  Research this artist IN DEPTH. I would recommend that you choose a specific work or series of works.
Hence, this final paper seeks propel to student to research in-depth a specific Jazz Age Artist (painter, sculptor photographer, poet, musician, dancer) to clarify which qualities they most admire in 1920s art and art in general. So do try to locate specific artist quotes and limit your discussion to specific key pieces; how was this art work or works. publicly received by major critics of the time and the contemporary public; elucidate the major meanings of this painting and how it expresses and relates to the Jazz Age. This enables a student to perceive  & understand how their art is feed by their experiences in their own time and how they hope to express their own personal aesthetics  in a written statement. This paper will also clarify precisely which qualities they most admire in Art of the 1920s and art in general.

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