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Jewish Americans

Jewish Americans

ELO: Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

Learning Target: The student will develop an understanding of cultural differences and similarities.

Jewish Americans key terms.docx
Read about the topics from any source
Watch Religions of The World: Judaism (video)
Task and Criterion
Read about the topics from any source
Key terms and notes on the topics are available through canvas assignment.
Watch Religions of The World: Judaism (video) – Library Media Reserve.
Write an essay of your understanding of the topic
Length: At least two pages long.  Introduction, body and conclusion
APA Style
Add title page and an abstract page.
Double Space
Add References and Citations. At least three
Diversify the references. Britannica and Wikipedia are not accepted as references.
Times New Roman, 12 font size
No late or incomplete assignments are accepted
Assignments will only be accepted if submitted through canvas (No hard copy and no e-mail.

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