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Journals are to be 2 pages long with an introduction, discussion and conclusion.  They must be double spaced.  Your formatting, sentence structure, spell checking, etc., will all be taken into account.




Utilizing YouTube, do a search for and listen to at least two perspectives from CNN, Fox News and/or MSNBC regarding culture wars.  Provide me with an analysis that discusses two different perspectives.  I typed in CNN/Fox News/MSNBC and then culture war, and was able to find quite a few 5 minute vignettes with regard to the topic.  If you find a discussion of the culture wars either in written form or at another site, you must insure that it is a legitimate source and provide a link to the site.


Make sure to first provide your understanding of the definition of culture wars as outlined in the text readings, then provide me with your analysis obtained from the news outlets.


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