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Leadership During an Emergency Response

Select a historical emergency response event in the United States, provide a two-page summary, and then provide a 5-7-page critique of leadership in the scenario.
***Event – Hurricane Harvey of 2017***

Questions to consider include the following:
a.  Which of Kouzes and Posners leadership practices was least exercised and what negative impacts resulted?
b.  In retrospect, what could leaders have done to affect a better outcome?
c.  Now, consider yourself in a leadership role during this event, what less-than-optimal leadership tendencies do you think you have to monitor as a leader in this event?
d.  What leadership strengths do you have that would be most useful in this event and how would you tap into those strengths in a practical sense.

Be specific. Be sure to link Leadership Practices with practical examples from the historical event and with practical examples in your proposed plan of action.

Paper must contain the following components:
1.    Your proposal should include the 5 leadership practices from Kouzes & Posner.
          -Model the Way
          -Inspire a Shared Vision
          -Challenge the Process
          -Enable Others to Act
          -Encourage the Heart
2.    Format:
a.    Opening summary of the concept
b.    Scope of the program (what will need to be involved and audience you intend to affect)
c.    Body of the proposal where you develop the vision and leadership practices to enroll us in supporting this program and challenges to overcome
d.    Expected result from this approach
e.    Conclusion and call to action
3.    References backup, support, issues to overcome

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