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legal research topic by locating, reading and summarizing a number of key resources.

You will have the opportunity to explore a legal research topic by locating, reading and summarizing a
number of key resources. This assignment is intended to help you develop foundational research,
interpretation and written communication skills.
For your research paper, you will be exploring a current issue in Canadian law. More specifically, you will
explore the history of this issue, present multiple perspectives on it, and conclude with your
recommendations for future research and/or a call to action. The paper needs to be well researched
with a suitable variety of reliable, high quality and properly documented sources. You will need to
reference at least two legal cases, three scholarly articles and any two other sources (textbook,
government/non profit report, etc). The research paper should be approximately 5 to 8 pages of content
(double spaced, 1-inch margin). It should also include a title page and a reference page indicating the
sources (so 7 to 10 pages in total).
Selecting a Research Topic:
You may select the topic for your research assignment. The only requirement is that your topic must
related to a specific LAW or LAWS. This is different than other courses in criminology where you might
write about deviance, criminal behaviours or social reactions to crime in general. In this class, your
research assignment will be about a specific LAW. If you are unsure of your research topic, please let me
know and we can schedule a quick call to discuss some options.
Scholarly article criteria:
Article is published in a peer-reviewed academic journal / book chapter is published in an
edited volume published by a scholarly press.
Article or book chapter relates to your topic.
Note that book reviews are not viable sources for this assignment.
Government or nonprofit organization report criteria:
Report is authored by a government body (a ministry, department, or agency) or report is
authored by a nonprofit / civil society organization.
Report relates to your topic.
https://www.kpu.ca/library ( Use this linked library link for research reference for at least 1 and
rest can be based on internet as mentioned above in details)

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