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Less Stuff Ted Talk

Informative Speech Evaluation: Less Stuff Ted Talk
Watch the above Ted Talk (5 minutes) and evaluate this informative speech on ‘Stuff’. 

*Your evaluation needs to be at least 150 words and written in complete sentences, using the following categories as a guideline. You should need to discuss each of these points in order to receive full credit!

1. Introduction- was it attention-getting?  Why or why not?

2. Speech Organization – How did he organize his speech? Was it easy to follow? Why

3. Audience – how was his speech organized for the audience in front of him. Was it effective? 

4. Overall Speech Delivery- was it effective? 

5. Presentation Aids- What types of presentation aids did he use?  Think about the visuals and mention/describe at least 3 specific visuals and tell whether they were effective and why.

6. Conclusion –  In what ways was it memorable and provided a summary as well as closure?

6.  What would you change or what criticism would you offer?

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