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Lesson Plan

Create a written lesson plan for a 1-hour training session. The lesson plan should contain an introduction (5 min.), a body (50 min.), and a conclusion (5 min.) Ensure that your plan addresses the 9 Events of Instruction. For each of the three sections, indicate what you are going to do in the allocated time. For instance, if you are going to link to prior learning in the introduction, say so. If you are going to preview the upcoming topics, say so. For the body, plan 2 learning cycles of 15 minutes apiece, consisting of 5 minutes of presentation followed by 10 minutes of whatever learning application, practice exercises, or group work you wish to use to reinforce the previous learning. Also plan a 20 minute quiz. Compose your lesson plan in an outline format. I need to be able to understand what you are saying you are doing with the students throughout the lesson, but not the actual words you are saying. This is an outline, not a narrative.

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