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literacy analysis essay

in the link I sent is a story that I would like you to analyze it. The elements are plot, setting, characterization, point of view, style and theme.


Intro: Introduce the author and title of the story and use the subject of the story, a biographical account of the author or a general theme from the piece to begin your discussion. Think of this as an “icebreaker.” Be sure to present the Thesis before advancing to the summary.  The thesis for this essay will be an assertion or claim you make about the story and that you will support from evidence within the story itself.

Summary: Give the reader a brief and abridged account of the story’s plot along with a primary introduction of the key characters. Elements of fiction used in the story can appear within the summary or, if you prefer, maybe detailed afterward.

Elements: Identify the basic elements of fiction at work in the story, including: Point-of-view, setting, plot, characterization, (possibly, symbolism, irony, foreshadowing), but most importantly THEME.

Development of Thesis: Present and support your aforementioned thesis drawing specific support from the story. Be sure to properly document quotes and paraphrases as shown in class.

Conclusion: Reiterate your thesis and draw discussion of the story to a close with concluding thoughts.

“Suffer the Little Children” – Stephen King (a spooky thriller with children, monsters and a dark ending)

the link of the story: https://www.bestlibrary.org/files/suffer-the-little-children.pdf

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