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Book Report Guidelines:
after you read Man’s Search For Meaning, please define and analyze the theory presented (logo theory) according to the criteria provided below. the report is to be five pages, double spaced, with font size 12.
if you are like me, you will fall in love with viktor frankl: the father of the best and brightest of an offshoot of existentialistic therapy that he named logo therapy. the word logo refers to the word label; in this case a reason– a logo that summarizes the purpose for their existence and the reason they were put on earth.
His history is very interesting; he was a prisoner in the concentration camps during the horrors of II world wars, and developed his theory during his stay there. It is the best of existentialistic theory and it is my pleasure to teach/introduce you to it.
I want you to know that when times were tough for me personally, reading Viktor Frankls man search for meaning, in which he explains and applies his logo therapy, helped me overcome and move on to where I am today.
please follow the attached guidelines (from chapter 1) for your evaluation of his theory for this project.

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