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For this Forum you will discuss the considerable changes between the Democrats and Republican party from 1945 (you may reference earlier periods if you choose as well) throughout the 20th century. (Again, you will be writing on the SAME party you discussed in Forum 3) Your main intent should be to focus on how the party remained similar and changed considerably due to the issues of the nation’s history but please feel free to push your creativity and imagination! (Especially, if enjoyed using your imagination in previous Forums).

This is intended to be a “think” piece with research. Please find at least TWO editorials, or quotes from famous political philosophers/pundits that reinforce your position. These can come from articles, books but the most competitive students will hopefully find actual editorials from newspapers and/or digital databases.

Initial post of 500 words with facts is due by Friday at 11:55 PM EST and 4 peer responses of at least 100 words due by Sunday. Due to it being the last week. No Follow up Question will be given by the Instructor.

For a more competitive approach, a student (or an instructor may request) that the “other” party be evaluated for this final Forum. For example, if a student wrote on the Democratic party in Forum 3 a more challenging Forum would be to tackle how the Republican party changed.

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