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Submit the Map(s) portion of the final project. The submission should be a logically intuitive map that accurately represents an aspect of your discipline. The map should limit distortion in area, direction, and shape. It should also utilize intuitive symbology and enhance color contrast and visualization. As you create your map, consider your target audience and how best to transition from a three-dimensional surface to a two-dimensional plane with limited loss of data with respect to the aspect you are representing. Discuss your target audience, the process of creating your map, and any aspects of your map that had to be distorted or are missing.

The format of this milestone will be a presentation. Your presentation should use PowerPoint or another comparable presentation tool, with speech notes. Screenshots of your map may be inserted.

Here a link to point you in the right direction https://giscommons.org/output/
I included some powerpoints from previous sections to lead up to create these and a rubric to help you in making these maps.

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