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Marbury v. Madison

Read the Marbury v. Madison pdf attached and answer the 7 questions in essay form.

1. What was the historical/ political background that led to the Marbury vs. Madison case? (Hint: Review the election of 1800 and the appointment of the Midnight Judges).
2. What were the main events and the main figures involved in the landmark Supreme Court case, Marbury v. Madison?
3. What was the holding in the case?
4. What was the significance of Marbury v. Madison?
5. Explain the concept of judicial review and its importance to the power of the judicial branch of the U.S. government.
6. What was the impact of the Marshall Court on the United States government?
7. In what ways did John Marshalls nationalistic vision contribute to growth and development of the Supreme Court but also to the economic and political growth and expansion of the new nation?

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