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Study both attached readings.  Think strategically about the cost and benefits of doing CSR & Sustainability by corporations.  “Cost” can include cost savings (yeah, this is really a benefit).  There are a lot of benefits (there are triple benefits: financial, social, environmental). 

The content should  be as follows:

1. Outline 1  program, service or product that you believe has a compelling CSR and/or Sustainability benefit that will make a real impact that will help environmentally and/or socially. Also highlight the cost of it and/or challenges.  Please reference appropriate materials from this course and do not choose a product/or service that you have already used/discussed in this course.  Make it a compelling headline of your post and a grabbing introductory paragraph .

2. Research the item above and decide on your focus and what you will say in the post.  Will it be to inspire readers, show a trend or give them directions on how to be green using the product and/or service?

3. Outline the key information you want to share and what they learn from the blog you are posting. 
Link to other blogs, research or landing pages that supports your blog.

4. Tie it all together with a strong conclusion.  You can also put in relevant pictures or graphs that makes your blog even more compelling.

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