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The CSR Report and program Critique (this is 20% of the Grade)

Each Report Critique will be done by you individually. Your company is Exxon. 

Involves reading and doing a critique of a company’s annual sustainability, CSR, or citizenship report.

Assess the companys Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability, or citizenship report. Explain the extent to which the company recognizes and takes responsibility for the various social and environmental and governance impacts of its business that you identify.
Be Thoughtful and Answer the following questions…

Read and assess the companys sustainability or CSR report, paying particular attention to the  social and environmental efforts that address the triple bottom line.

Explain how the company frames the issues Are they discussed in terms of ethical or social responsibilities?

Do they use frameworks (GRI, CDP,  UN Sustainable Development Goals or certification programs) to guide and independently validate their reports?

Explain the extent to which the report  illustrates that the company recognizes its social responsibilities among employees,  consumers, and other stakeholders.

Cite the specific metrics used in the report and their progress against them.

Critical assessment: Reflecting on the issues in the course, do you consider that their sustainability or CSR programs are effective?  Who is Responsible for their program. Is company is doing enough? Or are they primarily directed simply at issues to affect profits? Be critical and explain what may be  lacking.  How do they compare to their top 2 competitors?
What is the biggest challenge identified for the next 5 years? Do they work with external NGOs? Are they taking steps to follow the SDGs (the Strategic Development Goals) of the United Nations?

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